Professor Karl Johann Kiessling


Culm Germany

Physicist, Mathematician, Botanist

Johann Kiessling profoundly dealt with the sensational twilights after the eruption of the Krakatau (1893) and looked for their physical explanation. Kiessling's ideas were then awarded with the Warner-prize. He believed that the cause of the extraordinary optical appearances essentially lay in the diffraction through the particles of the condensation- and dust clouds which reached following the eruption of the volcano high strata in the atmosphere and then started their journey round the globe. Research concerning the generation of fog in the atmosphere was intensely forwarded by Kiessling's ideas and experiments. Even nuclear physics derived profit from them. So the works by Wilson were influenced by Kiessling and the construction of Wilson's cloud chamber was given an important impulse.Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica Hungarica



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 Newspaper Articles

Evening Bulletin Honolulu Hawaii March27_1886

The Daily Republican Monongahela Pennsylvania July 15_1885

TheNews Fredrick Maryland April17_1886

Biography from the book “Physics as a Calling”


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A school Physics textbook written by Dr. Johann Kiessling



A dedication sign placed on the school wall.

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A street in Hamburg named in his honour.